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« on: January 13, 2012, 10:28:12 PM »

      Rock of Ages, at first look, is very.. odd to say the least.  The game was developed by the ACE team, who also developed the well taken Zeno Clash.  Now, Rock of Ages is a strategy game where the main goal is to break down the other castle's doors and squish their king.  Sounds simple enough, and in the beginning it is quite a simple goal.

My First Thoughts and Gameplay

      When I first saw this game, I judged by looks.  I saw it and thought it would be a stupid game.  But I read more about it, and it really enticed me.  So I picked it up when it was on sale during the winter sale.  As I was first playing, I wasn't paying too much attention on the actual game, just going through.  The first tutorial is easy enough, lets you get the feel of moving, and the second is about where I started to pay a bit more attention.  Purely because I was just rolling along, minding my own business, when a herd of cows attacked me.

      They pushed me off the sides of the path, to what I feared was my impending doom.  But, to my relief, if you fall of the sides, you just get put back on the path.  I was placed back on the path, with those cows just waiting to attack me again.  I try to rush by and jump over them, but in mid jump a smaller rock comes flying and hits me!  The force in which it hit me causes me to go towards the left... right into a tower.  I fall to the ground as I crush the tower, with the cows closing in on me, ready to ram me right off the sides again.
      I rush to get past this crazy blockade, and continue rolling to the enemy's gate to try to break it down.  The health drops even further, but it's not quite done yet...  This time around I figure it'd be worth my time to actually build defenses... I felt like I needed my own herd of crazy cows to take the enemy down.  The enemy needed to feel my pain, they, too, needed to be pushed off the sides!  After I spend all my money I wait for the enemy to start rolling, so I can watch them get destroyed by the cows...

      Only to see their boulder jump over most of my cows!  That bastard!  My plan, foiled... I decide to continue on, to finish demolishing their gate.  I avoid the cows this time, and make it to their gate and destroy it.  Inside it is the enemy king who squeals like a little girl and bounces up and down in fear.  I run over this so called "King" with no second thoughts, no regrets.  I got my revenge.

About the Game

      Needless to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed the game ever since then.  They graphics are a mix of flat 2d characters and 3d towers, animals, etc.  It's simple at times, but it really fits the game.  And gives it a different feel.  I feel like it adds to, not only the creativity of the game, but the humor as well.

      Oh the humor in this game... it's not for everyone, but it's definitely something for me.  It's Monty Python-esque, it makes cracks and references to (relatively) well known movies and so on.  There is a scene where you meet Leonardo da Vinci in a room full of Mona Lisa, just like the tv room in the Matrix.  He tells you your whole world is fictional, and you're nothing but a character in a game!  There's all sorts of references to films that most of us have either seen, or have seen enough memes or jokes to get them.

      The game does get more difficult as you progress (as any game should), without getting way too hard, in a very short amount of time!  Then, there are levels where you go against the "Spirt of Age."  These levels are a breath of fresh air, as they're completely different from the "normal" game mode.  You have to take down these "bosses" by hitting their weak spots.  It's not necessarily hard, not at first at least, but it's a big change.  You don't build any defenses, you work with what you have around you.   And the boss can build towers, catapults, and attack you.  It just depends on which one you're going against.

      There are also some other game modes available to play: Multiplayer, Skeeball and time trial.  Multiplayer itself has War and Skeeball game modes.  War is basically the same as the storyline.  You each build defenses, and try to take down the other person's gate and squish their king.  Skeeball you play, try to gain points by breaking down targets and then getting a multiplier at the end.  There are three rounds and you try to get the highest score.  Singleplayer version of skeeball is just practice, as you're not competing agains anyone.
      I've yet to try multiplayer myself, so I can't really add any input as to the quality of the game or how it is finding others to compete against..  I can, however, say that skeeball is an interesting game mode, but I feel like it may get boring fast.  It'd probably be nice to switch between it and War mode though.  As for Time Trials, it's basically you running through a level that you've already unlocked as fast as you can.  You go from start to finish, without any towers, or blockades, taking any short cuts that you know, without falling.

      As for the music, and sounds, of the game, I really can't say much.  I played mainly with my music off, as I was busy talking and it could be loud.  I had sounds playing, but I suppose they're just normal game sounds.  However, it's always a pleasure to break down the enemy's gate, and hear their king squeal like a girl!  However, for anyone who plays the game and enjoys the music, it is important to note that you get the soundtrack for free.

Final Notes & Thoughts

   For people who like numbers here is what I would "score it:"

  • Gameplay: 8/10 (relatively quick and short storyline, but different game modes help)
  • Graphics: 8/10 (really unique, and creative)
  • Sound: 7/10 (can't really say much here)
  • Multiplayer: can't say just yet! I'll update later..
  • Overall Score: 7.5/10

      The game is currently priced at 9.99 USD, and I believe 9.99 EUR.  (someone please correct me if I'm wrong, whenever I go to the European steam store, it shows usd as well...)  I think the game is really worth the 10 dollar price tag, there's plenty of game play with the storyline, extra game modes, and multiplayer.   
      If you're still not too sure about the game, there's sadly no demo to try out... however they do have a mini game they made, and released as an April Fools joke (available here) that you could try out.  It's a very basic version of the game, and I honestly wouldn't really consider it a demo.  Its much more 'frustrating' than the actual game, if you fall of the edges, you have to start all over, and so on.. I'm sure it'll be on sale again for anyone who's on the fence about this game.  It really is more than worth the price when on sale.

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« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2012, 11:47:00 PM »

I like your scoring for the review! You gave graphics a higher score than most would because you based it upon unique and not "OMG JAW DROPPING ACTION BRIGHTNESS AND CLEARLYY 3DDD!"

Also i agree with most of what you said, The humor part of the game is quite good. From what i played of it, it could be a pretty nice mulitplayer based game to kill some time in!

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« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2012, 03:54:53 AM »

nice to see a review of this game, i have actually thought about buying it a few times, yet i didnt do it
i might pick it up next time its on sale
thanks for the review Cheesy

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