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« on: December 16, 2010, 03:30:03 AM »

yeh so as some people know I play this since I started again after a long break from it, but what is it...

A South-Korean (thank god not north) F2P Fantasy MMORPG, by ESTSoft. I posted some time ago a music vid I FOUND and that displays the graphs of the game to certain degree. Made me lol as few were misleaded that is was made by me, deepest apologiez for the lack of intro info. The game's licenced in Europe by Games-Masters, and in North-America it was used to be licenced by OGPlanet, but they shut it down. I *think* it has found a new home in NA, but not sure.

Any case, it's based and standard MMORPG model: you gain levels, gain skillpoints and update your stats to normally progress to highers levels (max level atm 180). Killing NPC's, collecting items and gearing your character and blaablaablaa. There is a duel system too.

but the few things that make it stand out are:

1) This game was the first MMORPG to introduce a Combo System. takes a second to iniate the start, and after that you need some good ti ming with it. The meter flows from start to end in less than a second and you must place the skill on right time or else you'll break the combo and it ends and you have to iniate again. Cooldowns take to account. When in combo, you can freely slam on skills your dude has and you can continue it endlessly by swtiching targets, but only skills that are reloaded can be stricken. However, the combo cauge doesen't stay the same all the time.

2) Game features a warzone called Tierra Gloriosa, it's kept every 4h and divided into level-fields to balance the PvP out. It is basically Battlefield Conquest combined with WoW's battleground and regular PvP. The war houses around 45-70 players per side at a time.

3) Battle Mode. There are Aura mode and first and second stage of the actual Battle mode. They're gained at different levels and vary in effectiveness. In raw, they are 90 seconds lasting superbuffs which turn your chracter into a monstrosity, a hell on loose, concentration camp on two feet... Battle Mode 1 upon activation inserts a special passive ability that lasts for the duration, example, shielders reflect back damage, and bladers become dear impossible to hit since enhanced reflexes. Battle Mode 2, which gained at lvl50, summons a unique type of astral weapon depending on class. Example, warrior with its greatswords gets to swing a 2 and a half meter long scythe and archers summons themselves dual handguns. This battlemode-system was shamelesly copied by Aion >_>

But lets be realistic here, this game is just "mindblowingly generic" and it falls for same basic problems as with all asian rpg's. The soundworld is just so simple and repeats itself very very fast. Another flaw is, that this game is technically nothing more than grind, grind and grind some more, so the game repeats itself quickly and it has no real replay value. But please be noted, this game is really good looking and very anime-style.

If you are able to get past those 2 HUGE flaws of the game, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it.
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