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Author Topic: Why i'm not so active.  (Read 1312 times)
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« on: February 27, 2012, 08:25:51 PM »

Hey guys, long time no see, for something i'm not active on the server, well i got a few reasons for that.
1.I'm waiting for somebody to give me creative so i can build the kingdom
2. I'm waiting for someone who would like to help me (I screwed up so i gotta tare some stuff down)
3.Tons of other servers that are fun
4. Working on puzzle maps with friends and myself (Co-op map coming soon!!! ( 3 months or so)
5.Other servers ^^^^^^^^^
6.I got Mw3, and i love bf3. (I got a MOAB that killjoy might post Cheesy)(Killjoy is awesome Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy)
7.Helping Friends make videos
8.IRL stuff
9.IRL friends
10. School and sports,

So if any of you miss me (Why would you xD) i'm sorry, and i'ma try be more active on puggaming overall not just the server (The MOAB gameplay involves that)
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