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Hello :D

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« on: November 26, 2011, 10:44:08 PM »

Hey I got A new Custom Survival map named "Buried Alive".(Story line is the endermen buried you alive in a gaint dirt and ore structure only some endermen picked up ore so it is rare.)
 The name explains its self you're buried alive with goals on surviving ores are rare,but travel in groups takes a very long time to complete and should be fun for MP. You can post Pictures of ur high score and videos of playthroughs, showing off you're stuff ect.

If you want to make a trailer or preveiw type of thing and i will post it here on main post just post it below then i'll take think and post here. Hope you enjoy the map with you're friends and you're self.
 Make Tree Farm
 Make Farm
 Find Tomb
 Go to nether
Find 10 Daimond
 Find 20 Daimond
Make and place Daimond Block
 Kill a Animal
 Kill about 10 Hostile Mobs
 Find way out by using nether
 Find way out by digging
 Find village
 Find out where you we buried
 Make highscore picture
 Post comment on this Thread
 And enjoy the map

Total Downloads : 10

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