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Title: Hopton Project Update - Friday 23rd March 2012
Post by: Tingle09 on March 23, 2012, 12:30:15 PM

A lot has happened in Hopton this week. Heres the main news:


Hopton was griefed earlier this week by 2 people. Check out this topic for all the details: http://puggaming.net/minecraft/griefing-proof-and-findings/ (http://puggaming.net/minecraft/griefing-proof-and-findings/)

New Hopton Farm Shop!

After a little accident, The old Hopton Shop burnt down. It's been rebuilt and is much better than before!

>Have a go on 7 different Random Machines! What will you get?
>Win a full set of diamond tools and armour by posting positive feedback on the forums!
>Enchant your items for free!
>Cook/Smelt your items for free!
>And lots more! Come check it out!

Hopton Borders and Landscaping

Today and probably most of the weekend, I'll be setting out Hopton's borders. This should stop any confusion over which land is Hopton and what isn't. The borders will spread a lot throughout the next months to make way for new buildings and people living there. You will be able to buy some land within Hopton to build on from April 1st.

Why buy land in Hopton?

In Hopton, your buildings and land will be protected daily by myself and other workers. We promise to keep the griefers away and keep your land safe. In the deal, you can also get regular free items from the shop in Hopton Farm. Hopton aims to look good and be good.

It will be very laggy on the server for a few days because many workers will be doing landscaping in the Hopton area. We plan to remove all sand and replace it with grass to make the town look even better. You can come and help out and you'll get paid for the work you do. You get to choose what we pay you with!

Expected Completion

The land is expected to be complete by April 1st, But many of the community buildings will pop up in the next 2 to 3 months. Progress on Hopton is looking good.

If you have any questions, Meet me on the server or send me a message. Please reply to this topic with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll put up some pictures later.

- Tingle09 -
- Site Manager of Hopton -

Title: Re: Hopton Project Update - Friday 23rd March 2012
Post by: Tingle09 on March 23, 2012, 03:12:26 PM
The StrongHold is under Hopton :D

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