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Hello, I'm Tingle09, Designer and Site Manager of the Hopton Project.

The other day I completed the Station and Farm and both are now open to public.

Hopton Station

Hopton Station is right next to the Spawn in the direction of the Spleef Arena. You can't miss it. It currently has 1 long tunnel leading towards Hopton. (Minecarts are coming soon!).

I would like to thank:


And many more for helping with the construction of this amazing place!

Hopton Farm

After coming out of the other side of the Station, You are in what will be Hopton! Only the farm is open right now so follow the path straight ahead. Follow the signs.

All of the land within the area is Hopton, I'll put up fencing and signs later this week. I must warn you NOT TO BUILD ON HOPTON LAND.  Anything built will count as griefing and will be removed. I miight let you build something if you ask me  Smiley

Inside Hopton Farm is a shop. You can buy Anything here. You can trade, donate or repair your items. Once again, no griefing.

There are 2 floors of farms. These are not to be touced or griefed on. The crops belong to Hopton and don't become yours until you have paid for them.

I'll put out more information at the weekend.


- Tingle09 - Designer and Site Manager of the Hopton Project -

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