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Title: Valve Holiday Sale&Event!
Post by: taylynne on December 20, 2011, 12:22:19 AM

        Oh joy, that time of year again.  Steam Sales.  They're out to take all of our money, and they do quite the job...  And then there's the slow servers..  I don't know about you guys, but steam has been rather glitchy for me today.  Anyway, they have the normal daily deals and publisher/indie packs, along with (about) the whole catalogue on sale.  If you're looking to pick up games, this is the best time!  However, I would wait to see if it becomes a daily deal before purchasing it.  If it is on sale now, but it isn't a daily deal, it'll be on sale up until it ends, on the 2nd of January.

        Along with this sale is an event!  This event is easy enough, and pretty much the same as the summer event.  Each day there are six little "objectives" for people to complete, and when you complete and objective you have a chance to receive a gift, or a lump of coal!  You have a one in four chance to get a gift for each objective you complete.  The coal can be saved, or, if you have seven pieces, can be traded for a gift.  You're also able to trade the coal with other people! :)  Now if you save the coal, each piece will count as an entry for the Epic Holiday Giveaway.  Which is pretty damn epic.  Now, to qualify for the Giveaway, you have to have at least 10 items in your wishlist and your account has to be in good standing.

        Now, the about that Epic Giveaway... There are four tiers of "winners."  The first being the best: every single game available on steam.  Only one person will win that, so good luck to anyone who has hopes to win that!  The next one will have 50 winners, and what they get is the top 10 items on their wishlist.   Second prize will be given out to 100 people, and they'll get the top 5 games on their wishlist!  Third prize will be given out to a mere 1,000 people, and is the complete valve pack.

Grand Prize, First Prizes, Second Prizes and Third Prizes include only software games available in the winner's region at the time the prize is awarded.   Hardware or other items are not included.

        Now, good luck to everyone who chooses to participate in this event!  I'm rather curious as to what exactly you can get from the Great Gift Pile, all I've seen so far are coupons, and it's sort of insinuated that the gift will be coupons (as they say you can receive "golden" coupons, which are usable during the sale)... so, if that's the case, I'd rather take the coal..  Let us know what you guys pick up, or what gifts you get (especially if you get something other than coupons!!).  Good luck to everyone, and be sure to enjoy this event, as well as our event (http://puggaming.net/event-discussion/puggamings-5-days-of-pc-gamers-christmas/)! ;D

Hope everyone has a Happy Christmas, and a brilliant New Years!  :D

EDIT:  Lurking the steam forums, apparently people have gotten games from the "Great Gift Pile..."  so if anyone gets a game, take a screen shot if you don't mind sharing!  I think one coupon I'd like to pick up is one for activision... seeing as they just hate to put things on sale :|

Title: Re: Valve Holiday Sale&Event!
Post by: Killjoy on December 22, 2011, 09:36:32 AM
Ahh I have gotten coal and 2 coupons ill never use :(

Either way great topic and piece on the sale and events! hopefully all of us will put some use to it!

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