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Author Topic: Semaphore copies Unchartered.  (Read 1308 times)
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« on: June 28, 2011, 02:11:49 AM »

Most of you guys know about the Uncharted series of games developed by Sony, some of you may have played them and if you have not, you should, the physics and the gameplay mixed with the graphics give you spectacular scenery and some pretty memorable moments. This game was a hit both with gamers and the general populace because of its expressive gameplay and visual ecstasy. The final installment of the series is due out soon. Taking that into consideration its only natural that several game developers/publishers might wish to draw inspiration from such games and try to make their mark in the gaming industry.

Well guess what, a Saudi game development company by the name of Semaphore took some inspiration and here's the kicker, they made a copy and its called "Unearthed" Its highly disrespectful but I couldn't stop laughing and my brother is typing this as I can't type because my sides hurt and I can't feel my face (Hi, I'm K1eaners brother)

Moving back to topic, the game involves a group of "researchers/tomb raiders" who excavate and find exotic relics and other such jargon. It only gets better, the protagonist goes by the name of "Faris Jawad" he's following the trail of "Ibn-Battuta" who is a Muslim explorer and his journey starts from the Morocco and goes through the Middle East.

It is to be released on every bloody platform out there, that means it come come out on IPad, IPhone and practically all Android platforms, add in the PSN, Xbox Live and also the WiiWare to name a few....the date is yet to be disclosed, but so far the game is a mess and its a laugh...

Provided are trailers and photo's...lmao....oh....excuse me......need...to....breathe......crap.


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« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2011, 06:51:21 AM »

well it seems that its not only the chinese that can copy things and make them look so much worse

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