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« on: March 23, 2012, 08:13:46 PM »

We have another bundle out (so many bundles, so little time...), this time it is a "lightning round" from Indie Royale.

I know I didn't make a post for the last lightning round, so I will go over what a lightning round is exactly.  A lightning round is a bundle that lasts a hundred hours and contains games from one or so developer or a certain theme.  These bundles are not available for preorder!

The games this time around are from NinjaBee and only two are available on steam!  The rest are on Desura, or come with a drm free download.  The games are as follows:

I can't really say anything about this bundle... they all look like a bunch of casual/pick me up games that would be good for when you're bored but don't feel like playing anything "serious."  This bundle's price isn't too bad compared to the current HIB or previous indie royale bundles, it's currently only 3.91 usd

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