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      So many bundles.  They never really seem to end.... just one after another, after another with no pause between them.  Indie Gala two on ended a few days ago, and here we are with the third one... Which is much better than the second one I think.

Here are the games:

Trapped Dead         Greed: Black Border         Future Wars          Grotesque Tactics         Twin Sector      

Like every other indie gala the keys for the game are all steam redeemable!  There are no drm downloads, and no desura downloads.  This bundle, like the Humble Indie bundle and Groupees bundle, is for charity.  However, you can only get Grotesque Tatics and Twin Sector if you pay more than the average.. Plus!  Next week they will release four more secret "goodies" for people who beat the average!

Indiegala III

This bundle I think is much better than the previous bundle, and is better than the current Indie Royale bundle and Humble Indie bundle.  And is worth picking up!  I would like to pick it up above the average personally, for grotesque tactics, but I probably won't be able to.  You can pick up the bundle here and the current average 4.38$.  This bundle will be going on for about 15 days, so you have some time to pick it up... but I'm sure the average price will go within that time.
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