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Author Topic: E3 (Day 2): Nintendo Conference Rundown  (Read 1572 times)
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« on: June 08, 2011, 02:49:49 PM »

Hey guys, sorry I was out all of yesterday, so I couldn't give you the scoop on E3 like I did yesterday. Here's the complete rundown of Nintendo's E3 conference:

- Opening - Nintendo: Look! Zelda orchestral concert!
- Shigeru Miyamoto takes the stage and announces that it's the 25th anniversary of Zelda... and decides to have fun with the Zelda orchestra by putting them on the spot to play various Zelda songs.
- Mario Kart for 3DS - this looks cute and fun... not sure how much I'll like it in 3D.
- Star Fox for 3DS - turning/tilting your device controls flight. Your face will be featured when you play friends, so you can look even more like a gloating douchebag when you win! - Hitting stores September 2011
- Super Mario 3D - I love how they had to emphasize it's made from scratch and completely new. One thing I will say about Nintendo... though their games aren't necessarily strong on the graphics and the story, they are FUN. - Sometime 2011...
- Kid Icarus Uprising - The graphics look pretty good for the 3DS. Nothing amazing though. Kid Icarus fans rejoice because yay... augmented reality? It looks like a game you can play for a few days before dropping it and completely forgetting about it. - Sometime 2011
- Luigi's Mansion 2 - The oft neglected of the two brothers is getting another game of his own. Um... let's just say Nintendo's not great at the whole "horror" part of their games. Let's hope it's better than its predecessor. Nintendo must emphasize that this is a new game... again. Oh, and the title is deceiving. There are multiple mansions.
- Quick sequence of games that are coming to the 3DS. Cave Story, Resident Evil, Ace Combat, Driver Renegade, Pacman & Galaga Dimensions, Tekken 3D, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, and more...
- The 3DS eshop is to open. Trailers and demos will be available. Virtual console too - which means classic console titles can be played. Old games will have a "3DS" makeover. Excitebike 3D is going to be free on the eshop. The 3D Pokedex will be available. Only 16 pokemon will be on the Pokedex... but fans can get the rest from their friends or on special AR markers.
- "Wii is cooler because it sounds like We! So let's call the new console, the Wii U!" - Erm... what Nintendo? (Everyone, say Wii U with me. Three times... fast! Sounds like a police siren. Yes, the cops are here to arrest you for A TERRIBLE NAME.)
- The Wii U controller is definitely something... new. It looks like a handheld, but works with a console. The cool thing is you can switch from the TV to the controller and back almost seemlessly. I'm not quite sure if there would be resolution issues, moving from the controller's screen to a 1080p TV... and I'm wondering what the range of the "wireless" transfer is from the controller to the TV. IBM's also mentioned that the processor inside the Wii U is VERY powerful, so expect Wii U to join the ranks of 360, PS3, and PC for serious gaming. I think Nintendo's something interesting and smart with this. They have a console powerful enough to play games popular with hardcore gamers, but they've also brought casual gaming in WITH the mobility of a handle held on their controller. Only thing I'm horrified about besides the terrible name? ...The price. A controller with a touch screen can't come cheap.
- New Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U and the 3DS.
- Nintendo had almost every gaming publisher raving about the Wii U. You can definitely expect to see a full range of games coming to the Wii U.
- Expect to see Ghost Recon: Online, Darksiders II, Dirt, Metro Last Light, and EA sports games on the Wii U
- EA onstage with Nintendo. This has never ever happened.

Summary: I have to say that Nintendo really impressed me with their conference. They really gave Sony and EA a run for their money. Nintendo has great pacing with their conference and they never settled too long on a game. Even though the first half of their show was essentially most of their games rehashed, I still was impressed after the Wii U was announced. Yes, Wii U is a pretty bad name, but Nintendo always brings something new to the game. Stockholders apparently don't think that the Wii U is much, because Nintendo's stock dropped after the Wii U was announced, but haters are gonna hate. I wasn't very excited about the Wii U at first, but on second glance, it really can be something special. They're bringing hardcore gaming and casual handheld gaming together into one thing, which is a brilliant move. EA coming onto Nintendo's stage, something never done before, shows EA's confidence in the console. While that might not seem like much, EA IS one of gaming's biggest publishers, and expect their big hits to come to Nintendo. This means a lot of profit raking in for Nintendo. If they pull the Wii U off well, Sony and Microsoft are really going to have to bring it for their next generation consoles. I'm only worried about how the wireless will work along with the price, since it's reported to be over 20,000 Yen, which translates into $150-$200, but we'll see how inflation goes...
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« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2011, 11:06:33 PM »

Nintendo.. Just bring back the 64 and ill invest in them again!

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« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2011, 12:15:57 AM »

@Killjoy: You know that will never happen, with the advancements in game engines and scripting, Nintendo will need to do a major overhaul of the 64. That requires money. They are too caught up with the latest "Nintendo Wii U" or however it is pronounced. I tell you, the consoles are getting some crazy names.

But I do hope they go through that trouble and make it a beast, if Sony can do it with the Vita, why can't Nintendo?

Do a major overhaul and announce it at next years GDC.

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