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The first few reviews of Deus Ex: Human Revolution have already come in, and so far it looks like Square Enix hasn't fumbled on this prequel. Sadly, since we can't get our hands on preview copies of the games, we're going to have to ogle at trailers and wait until the end of August.

The developers were hitting pretty hard on the "four" pillars of gameplay with the new game: hacking, social, combat, and stealth. They just recently released a trailer highlighting the stealth portions of the game with the goal in mind that stealth will still be fun, so that you can go through the game without shooting the hell out of all of your enemies.

Using stealth will have a few advantages. For instance, if you're successful at sneaking by, you can probably catch parts of conversation that might be helpful to your mission.

Entering a room isn't scripted. As soon as you enter a room, you don't trigger a sequence of events where AI will take cover and wait for you. They'll have conversations amongst themselves unless you raise their suspicions.

You can also mark and track enemies within rooms so that you'll always know where their positions are.

You will also have options to stealth weapons. You can attach silencers to the end of your guns or use crossbows like a real man.

Get excited and watch the stealth trailer (it's pretty cool and worth your 3 minutes):

Deus Ex Human Revolution Year 2027 Stealth Trailer [HD]
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