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Author Topic: Loadouts of My style. Post yours too! (UNTIL UPCOMING DLC'S)  (Read 2060 times)
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« on: January 21, 2012, 04:17:55 PM »

Been absent for long, so consider this as a comeback message.


The multi-functional loadout started with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and rather succesfully carried over into BF3, which even further expanded its concept. Everybody's able to tailor a kit that suits specifically their need and style. Before Bad Co. 2, Battlefield games were limited to pre-fixed kits, and Battlefield 2 and 2142 featured "Tier 2 unlocks", but that is considered merely an upgrade, instead of proper "custom".

I'd say what BC2 started, and the concept is quite roughly copied from CoD-series, is a hefty improvement in Combined Arms game. But just like the title says, here's what I've restaurated for myself. Please note that I won't mention gear that isn't interchangable.


- L85A2 coupled with Grip, PK-A 3.4x Scope or Iron Sights, and a Heavy Barrel, Suppressor or Laser Sight.
     - Alternative: FAMAS + Grip / Laser / US Holo
                            M416 + Grip / Laser / Iron Sights
                            G3A3 + Grip / H. Barrel / ACOG or Iron Sights
- Medpacks or M26 MASS with Fletchette.
- Squad Ammo

The L85 re-introduced to the series in Back To Karkand is something that splits minds amongst everyone. Most hate it, but those who master it, are a force to be reckoned. While L85 is nearly always outperformed in CQC, and its ROF is something to watch out for, it's a weapon that excels at range. Much like G3A3, it's one of those weapons, that will always outclass the opponent at range.

As it already sports superb accuracy, adding a Heavy Barrel just enhances the weapon's performance, and is an excellent way to piss off those campers and "snipers" that call themselves "team players". As a more special feature, L85's ADS spread is almost non existent. You can just fine shoot a bit longer bursts, and the bullets will always meet their intended destination.


- G36C with Grip of course, a Suppressor and a US Holographic sight.
     - Alternative: A-91 + Grip / Laser / Iron Sights
- Repair Torch
- Squad Ammo here too

Ok this one's a bit cliche. G36C isn't Engineer's last unlock without a reason. It's actually a full-fledged Assault Rifle, thus it has access to AR's benefits. The bullet's damage loss is on par with AR's over range, as is bullet drop. I personally use suppressor on it for the reason of "range". Unlike with my Assault loadout, where I can stay well out of minimap's reach, not so with Engineer. And supperssor helps alot when sneaking to get opening on tank's weak spots, not exactly ideal to let you noticed in minimap when the tank is 2 feet away.

Repair Tool is always more handier than mines I belive: not only you can get kills by extremely humiliating way, you also benefit your team more with it. For the same reason I don't usually use Explo Spec. If I'm going engineer, my style is to be secondary on vehicle engaging when on foot. Mostly I spend my Engineer time as a tank driver, tank repairer, or as Attack Helicopter Pilot (sometimes gunner too).


- MG36 with (surprise surprise !) Grip, Extended Magazine and a US Holographic sight.
     - Alternative: M240B + Grip / Ext. Mag. / Iron Sights
                            M1014 + Ext. Mag. / Fletchette / Iron Sights
                            MP7 + Ext. Mag. / Laser / Iron Sights
- C4 Explosives
- Squad Sprint

Another primary weapon re-introed in Back To Karkand, and damn good one too. MG36 is one of those where there is no compromise bethween foregrip and bipod. It's a pure mobilists LMG, and that's most likely cause of the magazine size, which holds only 50+1 as base count, making extension a very solid choice. Even with 100+1 rounds, MG36 chews through the magazine pretty fast. It has a good ROF, a good accuracy but only avarage damage. Despite the damage sleeving behind, say M240B, MG36 makes it up in reload time. Personally, I consider it to be the most balanced and versatile LMG available.

Sprint is a good choice for Support: He doesen't need ammo or explosives upgrades, and it allows to set up supportive perimeter a bit faster since he's able to get on the scene a bit faster.


- M39 EMR bundeled with (OH YES!) Grip, PK-A and Laser Sight.
     - Alternative: SV98 + PKS-07 / Straight Pull Bolt
- Squad Sprint

I don't play Recon, but if I happen to do so for fun, this is what I go for. When going Recon, I always stick away from my squad and team and go alone. Not because I camp, but because team mates are a great distraction, and there usually are only few in a game that anticipate pick-upper. Again suppressor isn't needed, cause I'll be picking up enemies outside minimap range, however, I never stick to same spot after a kill, unless there are multiple enemies. Medium-longISH range is my comfort zone as Recon.

For that very same reason it's Sprint to go with, and it will also help you to set up Spawn Beacon for your squad to create a nice flank. And if you wonder "Why TUGS?", that's purely because of vehicles. Most Recons who pretend to be team players, never actually aid in vehicle target acquistion. So that's why T-UGS, placed on high traffic areas.

"Why didn't you list sidearms?"

Because I actually use only one. The Beretta M93R. Statistically, this sidearm has the fastest kill time of all sidearms, outclassig even G18. With good aim and tricky moves, it can even outperform most PDW's. 93R really only works up-close, something like 5 to 7 in-game meters at maximum. The burst fire of this pistol ensures the recoil and accuracy is kept in check, and 93R has very good hipfire accuracy too.

The damage and the accuracy however, detoriate quickly over range, and it's not advisable to use it outside 10 in-game meters, unless you have time to pick your shots.

Sidearm Alternative: MP-412 REX

This is pretty much all I only use nowdays.
Now that the post is this long already, why not list the Vehicle Loadouts too! I wont go into detail here.

Main Battle Tanks

- Autoloader
- Thermal Optics
- Canister Shell

Great for soloing, allowing a single driver to engage armor AND infantry.

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

- Reactive Armor
- Thermal Optics
- APFSDS-T Shells

AP shells with the main gun is pretty handy, near continuous stream of fire, and extra armor just gives you more time for the precious continuum.


- Air Radar
- IR Flares
- Rocket Pods

I'm terrible jet pilot, nothing to add.

Mobile Anti-Air

- Proximity Scan
- Thermal Optics
- Anti-Air Missile

Ok, look, I'm an asshole AA driver. Whenever there's no jets or helos on the sky, I'll mercilessly go after those pesky engineers, and Proxy Scan + Thermal qurantees those engineers WILL go down.

Scout Helicopters

- Laser Painter
- IR Flares
- Guided Missile

Another thing I'm terrible with, but if I get the opportunity, this combo helps me take out armor and running jeeps quite effectively. Not to mention the other Scout.

Attack Helicopters

- Guided Rockets
- ECM Jammer
- Heat Seekers

- Autoloader
- IR Flares
- TV Missile

Oh god yes, the Atk Helo, my absolute favourite. I'm a pilot, a good one, well above avarage. Repeat that for gunner too. I've also been taught by the very best with it, and I got my first touch with them in Battlefield 2. But, I never pilot for pubs and especially without voice communication. Don't wanna brag but it's gonna sound like it anyways: In BF3, I don't have THAT many Atk Helo kills, but then again, roughly around 80% of my Atk Helo kills are as Pilot. I'm focusing on the vehicles and keeping the tincan in the air.

 I also always priorize SOFLAMs, the other Attack Helicopter and Mobile-AA, and when I'm after your assets, you better hope you have some team players in your team. You wont bring me and my gunners down otherwise.

So! That's mine, now tell me, what's yours.

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Man i love your post they are always so detailed and informative!

I will edit this one and include all of my own play style and set ups when i get done setting up details for the night about the event

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