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xx Thank You
April 12, 2015, 04:13:14 AM by Killjoy
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We want to say thank you to everyone who has been and was apart of PugGaming during our short time we hit a ton of mile stones during our peak and we would not have been able to do any of that with your support.

Here is an info graph on our achievements which you can also view on our main page @

One day we do plan to come back and start some events and get the group back in full swing. But until that day just keep fraggin!

xx Topic about the Xbox One. Feel free to express opinions
May 22, 2013, 05:35:23 PM by KillaCode1
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What do you guys think about the Xbox One? I think it's gonna flop. They focused on mainly voice commands and Call of Duty. I seriously think that this is gonna be the end of the Xbox. The Wii-U hasn't sold that much of anything recently so that's out of the running for a good next-gen console. The PS4 is looking promising, compared to the Xbox One's presentation. The Xbox One seems to just focus on multimedia and not gaming, as the previous Xbox's were made for. A wrong choice they made was to have no backwards capability, but the thing that made me angry was when I read that you have to pay for used games. I know, PC gaming top-tier and there's no used games, I'm about to be a PC gamer myself this time, gonna have a $300+ PC that can run Skyrim at 720p at 30 FPS, but that has nothing to do with this, we're talking about consoles here. Okay, let's talk about the main features.

The Xbox One seems to focus on TV and voice commands right now. Microsoft said that the gaming portion would be announced at E3, but they could've still shown more than that crap new Call of Duty game trailer. There are too many voice commands for TV, music, etc. The fact is that they (Microsoft) seem to be less oriented on gaming now and seems to be leaning towards a family friendly home movie system. Kinect is something that's gonna be ruined again, nuff' said. The fact that you still have to pay for used games (as I said earlier) really gets to me. Someone who can't really afford that much stuff due to living in a poor city with not that many job openings, like me sometimes, can only really afford used games once they go down. If I were to buy this console (which I won't) and my friend wanted to be able to borrow a new Tales game or some random Xbox game I'd own, he'd wouldn't be able to without paying an unspecified price. No backwards capability makes rooms more cluttered due to the amount of consoles you'd need to put away/have out. My room is cluttered with 2 Gamecubes, 2 Wii's, a PS3, and my PC. An Xbox VHS would just make it more crowded. When a friend of mine stays the night, he has to put his Xbox 360 on the floor due to not having any room to put it, so if I were to buy this new console and put it on the floor, where would his Xbox go? I'm going to buy the PS4 when it comes out (I'll have moved by then and have a bigger room) and get a Wii-U sometime later for Smash Bros. 4, Pikmin 3, and Wind Waker HD, while having a gaming PC. If they had shown some stuff about games instead of focusing on TV or Call of Duty, they probably would've gotten a slightly (I'd say a 1.3%) more positive view on the console itself. I'm not buying this console ever, and anyone who does for gaming itself, no, for anything related to liking this, should have their console burned while they lie tied up and forced to watch. Even if Banjo-Threeie comes out on the system, I won't buy it. Sony better have it right when it comes down to E3 or else next-gen console gaming is finished.

Those are my thoughts on the Xbox One. tl;dr I hate this new console and I won't buy it.

xx ArmA 3 Alpha Releasing Soon
February 26, 2013, 04:36:55 PM by deadname000 | Views: 7826 | Comments: 3

ArmA 3's alpha build is being released on March 14th if you preorder via Steam. The alpha build comes with 4 missions, weapons and vehicles, multiplayer scenarios, along with modding support and a scenario editor. You can get the alpha build if you preorder the Alpha and Digital Deluxe versions on Steam, when it comes on March 14th.

More News Here:

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